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ESP Webinar Series - The editor’s guide on sucessfull academic publishing
How can you increase your chances to get your manuscript published? Writing a scientific article is complex and demanding. It can be also frustrating. Many times is difficult to find a successful path towards publication. Indeed, the scientific publishing ecosystem is complex and can be overwhelming when you are starting your academic career. The aim of this webinar is to discuss with young scholars about key publishing aspects from the editorial point of view, to help a successful publication process. The workshop will be interactive. Using mentimeter (www.mentimeter.com) we will induce a structured discussion about the reviewer and the editor points of view. These two different angles may help to better understand and manage a manuscript to pass the screening of experts. The workshop is designed to be practical, providing guidelines for good practices and effective recommendations, as well as highlighting common errors and misunderstandings on the publishing process to be avoided. Goals and objectives:
• The editorial process: getting along with the gatekeeper
o What’s the role of the editor?
o The editors understanding of a manuscript
o The cover letter, does it matter?
o Avoiding common mistakes
• Academic publishing: Actors and Roles
• Desk Rejection? - most common reasons
• The gold conditions to make an editor happy
o A strong manuscript – 6 golden points
o An easy to handle submission
o Handling revisions: How to revise your paper
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Luis Inostroza
Dr.habil. @Ecosystem Services - Elsevier
senior researcher at the Institute of Geography, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. He applies spatially explicit quantitative methods based on GIS and remote sensing to analyse the metabolism of socio-ecological systems and their links to ecological and economic functions, from local to global scales. He possesses profound working experience across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia having published his work in more than 70 scientific publications and presented in more than 50 international conferences. Luis is Associate Editor of Ecosystem Services, Springer book series editor, editorial board member of Landscape and Urban Planning and reviewer of more than 50 indexed journals. He is an executive committee member of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), a member of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE), member of the European Land-use Institute (ELI), a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and IPBES expert. He speaks fluently five languages.